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About us

The RIFAMM Firm represents over 30 years of experience and superior engineering know-how that helps our customers improve the efficiency and safety of their solutions. 
Because client satisfaction is our first goal, we sell and service high-performance and reliable machines and equipment, primarily for the mining industry and the transportation, handling, and power industries.
OUR brand’s goods are built on tried-and-true, user-friendly solutions that enable us to perform even the most challenging jobs around Bosnia and Herzegovina. Longwall systems, road heading systems, underground and surface transport systems, open-pit mining machines, and equipment for mass transport and material handling are all developed specialized operations in Poland.

Our services

Underground exploitation

Our offer allows the mine to be equipped with a complete mining system.

Surface exploitation

Machinery and equipment used in opencast mining are a significant part of the RIFAMM Firm’s operations.

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We represent one of the most well-known underground transportation system manufacturers.

Our partners